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Atmos clock repair

Before engaging yourself in atmos clock repair, it is important to take a brief look at these clocks that are known for being very distinctive and popular. It is important to understand more about what makes these clocks tick and what kind of mechanisms they use. You should also take into account the fact that these clocks are designed to last for a long time and they will still provide precise times even after many long years of use.

Jean Leon Reutter

The Atmos clock was designed in 1927 by an engineer called Jean Leon Reutter. He was inspired by the 400 day Anniversary clock to whose design he made changes and came up with the Atmos clock. The first such clock was produced in 1936 and since that time till the present it has been able to keep time based on changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. This is how it gets its name Atmos.

How does it work?

The Atmos clock works with the help of ethyl chloride which is a mixture of liquid and gas and which is sealed very tightly in a capsule. When temperature goes up the mixture will expand and the opposite happens when the temperature falls. These motions keep the mainspring wound. Now that the basic working of the Atmos clock is understood, it is time to look at atmos clock repair ramifications.

Complicated task

If the Atmos clock stops working properly, the required atmos clock repair task can be very complicated and is a big challenge to even an expert repair person. Since these clocks work on complex procedures they are highly efficient and have great value. They therefore deserve the best atmos clock repair service.

Jaeger LeCoulture

Fortunately, there are numerous Jaeger LeCoulture Atmos clock repair companies that you can locate by searching the Internet. However, you should be very careful about whom you entrust the atmos clock repair work to. Therefore, before asking a company to affect the necessary atmos clock repairs, you must check the online site with a fine comb and you must consider factors such as warranty and reputation of the repair service company as well as method of payment and how the clock will be transported.

Lititz Watch Co

Lititz Watch Co. is among the best clock servicing centers that have expertise in atmos clock repair services. They understand how unique an Atmos clock is and that repairing such clocks requires special skills of both a watch and clockmaker. They also understand how critical the setup and repair of an Atmos clock is. They know that it is crucial for the minute hand to be finely balanced in order for the clock to work efficiently.


This atmos clock repair company also knows how to lubricate the Atmos clock and they also know which points in the clock, if not oiled, will make the clock stop. If you are interested in getting your Atmos clock repaired, then get in touch with this company that will then discuss specifics of the clock including the right kind of shipping procedures. They will also provide free quotes and are certainly capable of getting your clock back in good working order once more.

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