clock repair

Clock repair

If a clock stops ticking, it is time to find a good clock repair service. However, before entrusting the repair work to a company or professional, it is important that you make an effort to learn about a few common problems that are normally very easy to repair.

Often, the repairs required to get a clock to tick once more can be quite simple though in other instances, it is best to entrust the repair work to an expert so that no unwanted and additional damage is done to the clock.

Wind up the clock

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that the clock is fully wound up. In many cases, clocks simply stop because they have not been wound. So, before paying for a service call, it is important to check whether the clock is wound up.

Secondly, it is important to check that the two hands of the clock are not touching each other. If these hands touch one another it can stop the clock from ticking. Therefore, it pays to inspect the hour and minute hands and if they are touching then it is reasonable to suspect that they have jammed the time train and this is what is causing the pendulum to stop swinging.

In order to fix this problem, the only real clock repair required is to push the hour hand clear of the minute hand but this should not result in the hour hand touching the dial. Even bending the minute hand slightly can help in getting the two hands to stop touching one another.

Equally important, it is necessary to ensure that the clock hands are not making contact with the glass. The minute hand, if it touches the glass, can cause the clock to stop working. Simple clock repair in this case means that you need to take the minute hand and bend it ever so slightly so that it does not touch the glass. Next, move the hour hand and check that it is not touching the minute hand. To do this, simply position the two hands at twelve o’clock.

Moving the clock?

Sometimes, a clock can also stop working because it has been moved. This can cause the pendulum to stop swinging on account of the fact that the clock case has started to lean at an angle. Though it is not absolutely necessary that the clock be positioned absolutely at right angles, the clock must nevertheless be in a position that will not disturb the swinging motion of the pendulum. In this case the only clock repair required is adjusting the clock case till the pendulum starts tick-tocking once more.


Finally, clocks can also stop working because they have been lying idle for a few days and so are giving the wrong time. In such a case, certain kind of clock repair is required. Simply use a lever to move the minute hand in a clockwise motion. It is then possible to reset the time and in this way complete the required clock repair.

Moon Dial

In case the moon dial is not displaying the correct phase of the moon then it is necessary to affect different kinds of clock repairs. Simply find out the last time that there was a full moon. Next, determine how many days have lapsed since the full moon and then by applying the slightest pressure to the moon dial it are possible to move it forward so that the clock shows the correct moon phase.

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Clock Repair